Birmans and Siberians.

As well as being great fun, the Siberian is also known for his vocality, friendliness and for loving human company. Coupled with intelligence and their inquisitive nature, this means you get a cat who loves to get involved in everything you do; always willing to lend a paw. Said to be particularly dog-like, Siberian cats are extremely loyal to their owners, quick to learn and greet you when you get home. Some of them even like to play fetch. They may have oodles of energy but the Siberian is also caring and gentle; all kisses, hugs and chirrups.

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Have a cat allergy? After having had such a great success rate with new owners that are successfully living with a Siberian cat, this is due to the phenomenon of hypoallergenic cats. Want to learn about hypoallergenic cat breeds? Did you know it is actually not the fur thats the issue, but a protein in the saliva (Fel-Dh1) that the animal produces, which humans are allergic to. With hypoallergenic cats, there is little to none of this particular “protein” produced. Many that have thought that cat ownership was unavailable to them, that they may be able to try living with a Siberian, a hypoallergenic cat!
I get a huge number of requests for female Siberian kittens as opposed to male Siberian kittens. Perhaps they are reading that the female is better than the male for dander and reactions, but to date I have not been able to ascertain that this is correct I have placed as many boys as girls into homes of people that have cat allergies and they do not seem to be any different to each other.
An allergy test cost is £25 which will be deducted of the price of a kitten if you wish to proceed You will sit with a couple of our Siberians to see if you have any reactions to them you will be able to pet them